April 20, 2018

Anthropologie Petalblush OOTD

Anthropologie Sweaterdress
Anthropologie Petalblush dress, Spanx tights, Bass booties
This is another oldie but goodie in my opinion. Anthropologie's Petalblush sweater dress was from 2013 but five years later, it still yields a lot of compliments. I think it has aged pretty nicely. I wore it to teach on yet another chilly spring day.

My semester is winding down in theory but I'm swamped with on-campus events, an upcoming conference presentation, and a huge stack of papers to grade. Hoping to update more frequently when something lets up. But it seems unlikely that anything will be letting up any time soon...

April 11, 2018

Another Old Favorite: Marc by Marc Jacobs Paisley Dress

marc by marc jacobs medallion dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Tory Burch Caroline flats, Spanx tights 

This outfit is another one that features a dress I've worn a bunch and for nearly 10 years! My only reservation about this particular dress, from Marc by Marc Jacobs, is the deepness of the keyhole neckline. I always want to pin it or wear a camisole to cover up a bit. It prevents me from wearing it to work. But I enjoy wearing it to dinners around town. I don't even know if the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand still exists or if it has been absorbed into a general Marc Jacobs line? For years the brand was my go-to for interesting day dresses in fun prints. I still have a few "ones that got away" that I'm trying to track down. I have the dress shown above in two available color ways. And when I see it come up for sale I almost always consider buying another to have as a backup. But it's been so very long since I've seen a dress that has induced an immediate "I NEED THIS!" level of enthusiasm. I probably need to do more window shopping and browse but don't have the time to spare.

Also, since I last posted I had a birthday which means this blog is also kind of having a birthday. I believe I began writing it 10 years ago in April. So Happy Birthday to Consume or Consumed!

April 03, 2018

Old Clothes: Book Print Dress

Tommy Hilfiger book print
Tommy Hilfiger Book Print Dress, Cece Cardigan, Ferragamo flats

My favorite clothes are all so old at this point. Is it bizarre to wear the same things for nearly a decade? To be fair, there were years when I couldn't wear a lot of this stuff due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and body shape changes. But you would think I'd be tired of looking at the same things.

I can't recall the last time I saw a dress that provoked a strong reaction of "I NEED THIS!" in me. I don't have as much time to browse so perhaps it's a matter of not knowing what is out there that's up my alley? I guess a few of my Boden dresses generated some measure of excitement. But not on the same scale that this dress did. I wore this to teach and got several compliments. I'm glad it's still in the rotation.

It's going to warm up soon enough. I might venture outside at work for photos if I can find my old point and shoot!


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