February 05, 2018

J. Jill OOTD

J. Jill Gingham Rayon Twill Shirtdress, Spanx tights, Sam Edelman booties

Over the last few years I have had a harder time finding styles that I like in stores and from my former go-to brands. I just don't like many of the recent trends. But I still wanted to shop for new clothes. To do so, I decided to expand my shopping horizon.

I wound up checking out J. Jill because someone recommended that I try their cropped and ankle length leggings. Due to their high waist, they worked really well for me during my pregnancy with Rosie. I became so attached to them that I wound up grabbing a few pairs in smaller sizes for postpartum. Those leggings were my foray into J. Jill. Over the last few months I have also found a number of cute dresses in their sale section.

I am not sure if I am yet in their target demographic, age-wise. From their own website, they aim to attract a baby boomer customer base. But I find the fabrics to be of good quality and the styles to be appealing while remaining professional and modest.

The above pictured dress is one of the items I bought from them last fall. I already had a checked shirt dress very similar to this from Old Navy but the fabric was starting to show wear. It definitely was becoming too shabby for work. I was happy to grab this Gingham Rayon-Twill Shirtdress during a very good sale (I paid less than it is selling for right now). It has side pockets and a buttonless placket. It is nursing friendly though not as easily pumping friendly. The fabric is substantial without being stiff. I'm wearing it with Sam Edelman booties and Spanx tights.

January 24, 2018

First day of the Spring Term OOTD: Boden Carina Dress

Bpden Dress with Booties
Boden Carina Dress

I started back to work from holiday break three Mondays ago. So my semester is already underway. Pitt always returns earlier than most. But we finish in late April which is nice. For the first day of classes I decided to wear a dress Chris had given me for Christmas: Boden's Carina dress. Since I see a lot of the same students, semester to semester, I like to wear something new if I have a new item available. For better or worse, I get a lot of comments in evals and in person regarding my teaching outfits. So I know it's something they notice.

I picked this dress for it's vibrant winter (ok, it's really fall but fall is over so I'm calling it winter!) floral print. It was on a great sale because I don't buy things unless they are. You can still find it on pop back here. It has a back zip and no pockets which is good because pockets would almost certainly bunch up in this fabric. This fabric is a very thick cotton canvas which means it won't run the risk of clinging to every curve and bump. But it's kind of stiff. I took a size 10R. The dress is not lined but it doesn't need it due to the fabric composition. I haven't washed it yet so I don't know how it will wear but so far it's a great addition to my work wardrobe. I paired it with Spanx tights and Sam Edelman booties. I brought a black cardigan with me in case the classrooms and hallways were cold.

If you haven't checked out Boden yet, you can get 20% off full price items and free shipping through my referral link.

January 20, 2018

Hello Darkness, My Old Blog

Baby Boden Bunny Dress
Photos by my friend Erin.

It's been so long. Wow having two kiddos and a career and a life to balance and a house to restore/renovate are NO JOKE! Major props to the people who make it look easy and still carve out space for their own interests and hobbies. I know this is a season of life that is short but I miss blogging so I am going to try to get back into the occasional habit of posting an outfit or two.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Paisley Dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs paisley dress
Wearing an old favorite MBMJ dress. The girls are in Boden. 
It's a lot easier to snap kid outfit pics that my own. They're kids so they're cute and everything looks good on them. But all is well. AND I GOT TENURE!!!! So I need to update my bio. Not sure if anyone still checks in here but hello, if you do!!


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